The Northern Way

SigurÞarkviðaFafnisbana Þriðja

The Third Lay of Sigurd Fafnicide.

Page 3

61. She will Svanhild
send from the land,
her daughter,
and Sigurd’s.
Her will destroy
Bikki’s counsel;
for Jörmunrek
for evil lives.
Then will have passed away
all Sigurd’s race,
and Gudrún’s tears
will be the more.

62. One prayer I have to thee
yet to make,
in this world’t will be
my last request:
Let in the plain be raised
a pile so spacious,
that for us all
like room may be,
for those who shall have died
with Sigurd.

63. Bedeck the pile about
with shields and hangings,
a variegated corpse-cloth,
and multitude of slain.
Let them burn the Hun
on the one side of me;

64. Let them with the Hun
burn on the other side,
my household slaves,
with collars splendid,
two at our heads,
and two hawks;
then will all be
equally distributed.

65. Let also lie
between us both
the sword with rings adorned,
the keen-edged iron,
so again be placed,
as when we both
one couch ascended,
and were then called
by the name of consorts.

66. Then will not clang
against his heel
the hall’s bright gates,
with splendid ring,
if my train
him hence shall follow.
Then will our procession
appear not mean.

67. For him will follow
five female thralls,
eight male slaves
of gentle birth,
fostered with me,
and with my patrimony,
which to his daughter
Budli gave.

68. Much I have said,
and more would say,
if the sword would grant me
power of speech.
My voice fails,
my wounds swell:
truth only I have uttered;
so I will cease.”


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