The Northern Way

Heroes of the Olden Times: The Story of Siegfried


       This is Baldwin’s admitted ‘retelling’ of the Eddas, weaving the stories of the gods with the later hero cycles, in an easy to read narrative. Anyone familiar with the Eddas will notice how he has melded and reshaped themes and characters and given them a common river to wend, in order to present an overview of the entire mythology, sacrificing accuracy for art. Keeping this in mind, it is still a valuable book, and a good way for adults new to the faith to get a feel for the material. Reading this along with your children is highly recommended, use it as a springboard for teaching the realities of the faith, and for sharing what you believe.

Heroes of the Olden Time

The Story of Siegfried


James Baldwin


(Final copyright 1910, author)

Illustrations by Howard Pyle


        I. Mimer, the Master
        II. Greyfell
        III. The Curse of Gold
        IV. Fafnir, the Dragon
        V. In Aegir’s Kingdom
        VI. Brunhild
        VII. In Nibelungen Land
        VIII. Siegfried’s Welcome Home
        IX. The Journey to Burgundyland
        X. Kriemhild’s Dream
        XI. How the Springtime Came
        XII. The War with the North-Kings
        XIII. The Story of Balder
        XIV. How Gunther Outwitted Brunhild
        XV. In Nibelungen Land Again
        XVL. How Brunhild was Welcomed Home
        XVII. How Siegfried Lived in Nibelungen Land
        XVIII. How the Mischief Began to Brew
        XIX. How they Hunted in the Odenwald
        XX. How the Hoard was Brought to Burgundy
The After Word

List of Illustrations

Engraved by Frank French, J.P. Davis, K. Clement, and John Karst
From the Drawing by Howard Pyle

The Forging of Balming
The Death of Fafnir
The Awakening of Brunhild
The Trial of Strength
The Quarrel of the Queens
The Death of Siegfried

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