The Northern Way

The Maid of Brakel.

The Maid of Brakel.

A girl from Brakel once went to St. Anne's chapel at the foot of the Hinnenberg, and as she wanted to have a husband, and thought there was no one else in the chapel, she sang, oh, holy saint Anne. Help me soon to a man. Thou know'st him right well, by Suttmer gate does he dwell, his hair it is yellow, thou know'st him right well.
The clerk, however, was standing behind the altar and heard that, so he cried in a very gruff voice, you shall not have him. You shall not have him. The maiden thought that the child Mary who stood by her mother Anne had called out that to her, and was angry, and cried, fiddle de dee, conceited thing, hold your tongue, and let your mother speak.

Dat Mäken von Brakel

Et gien mal 'n Mäken von Brakel na de sünt Annen Kapellen uner de Hinnenborg, un weil et gierne ,n Mann heven wulle un ock meinde, et wäre süs neimes in de Kapellen' sau sank et
'o hilge sünte Anne, help mie doch bald tom Manne. Du kennst 'n ja wull: he wuhnt var'm Suttmerdore' hed gele Hore. du kennsc 'n ja wull.'
De Köster stand awerst hünner de Altare un höre dat, da rep he mit ,ner gans schrögerigen Stimme 'du kriggst ,n nig, du kriggst ,n nig.' Dat Mäken awerst meinde, dat Marienkinneken, dat bie de Mudder Anne steiht, hedde üm dat to ropen, da wor et beuse un reip'pepperlepep, dumme Blae, halt de Schnuten un lat de Möhme kühren (die Mutter reden).'







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