The Northern Way

Gambling Hansel.

Gambling Hansel. Once upon a time there was a man who did nothing but gamble, and for that reason people never called him anything but gambling Hansel, and as he never ceased to gamble, he played away his house and all that he had. Now the very day before his creditors were to take his house from him, came the Lord and St. Peter, and asked him to give them shelter for the night. Then gambling Hansel said, for my part, you may stay the night, but I cannot give you a bed or anything to eat. So the Lord said he was just to take them in, and they themselves would buy something to eat, to which gambling Hansel made no objection. Thereupon St. Peter gave him three groschen, and said he was to go to the baker's and fetch some bread. So gambling Hansel went, but when he reached the house where the other gambling vagabonds were gathered together, they, although they had won all that he had, greeted him clamorously, and said, Hansel, do come in. Oh, said he, do you want to win three groschen too. On this they would not let him go. So he went in, and played away the three groschen also. Meanwhile St. Peter and the Lord were waiting, and as he was so long in coming, they set out to meet him. When gambling Hansel came, however, he pretended that the money had fallen into the gutter, and kept raking about in it all the while to find it, but our Lord already knew that he had lost it in play.

De Spielhansl Is is emohl e Mon gewön, der hot ninx us (als) g'spielt, und do hobend'n d,Leut nur in Spielhansl g'hoaßen, und wal (weil) er gor nit afg'hört zen spieln, so hot er san (sein) Haus und ullss (alles) vespielt. Hietzt (jetzt), nette (eben) in lötzten Tog, eh's iahm (ihm) d'Schuldne schon s' Haus hobend wögnehme willn, is unse Herrgout un de halli Pedrus kemme und hobend g'sogt, er sull's übe d,Nacht g'holte (bei sich behalten). Oft (da) hot de Spielhansl g'sogt 'wögn meine kints do bleibn döi Nocht; ober i kong eng koan Bött und ninx z'össn (zu essen) gebn.' Oft hot unse Herrgout g'sogt, er sulls ne (nur) g'holten, und söi willetn ian (ihnen) selbe wos z'össn kaffen; dos is in Spielhansl recht g'wön. Oft hot iahm de halli Pedrus drei Grouschn gebn, un er sull zen Böcke (Bäcker) gehn und e Brod huhln. Hietzt is hullt (halt) de Spielhansl gonge, wie er aber ze den Haus kemme is, wou die onnen Spiellumpn drin g'wön sand, döi iahm ullss og'wunge hobnd, do hobn's n g'ruefft und hobend g'schrien 'Hansl, geh ahne (herein).' 'Jo,' hot er g'sogt, 'willt's me die drei Grouschn a non og'winge.' Döi hobnd'n obe (aber) nit ausg'lossn. Hietzt is e hullt anhi (hinein) und oft hot e die drei Grouschn a non vespielt. De halli Pedrus und unse Herrgout hobnd ollewall (immer) g'wort't, und wie er ian z'long nit kemme is, sand's iahm intgögn gonge. De Spielhansl obe, wie er kemme is, hot ton, us wenn iahm's Geld in ne Locken (Lacken) g'folln war, und hot ollewall drin herumkrobbelt: obe unse Herrgout hots schon g'wißt, daß e's vespielt hot.

St. Peter again gave him three groschen, and now he did not allow himself to be led away once more, but fetched them the loaf. Our Lord then inquired if he had no wine, and he said, alack, sir, the casks are all empty. But the Lord said he was to go down into the cellar, for the best wine was still there. For a long time he would not believe this, but at length he said, well, I will go down, but I know that there is none there. When he turned the tap, however, lo and behold, the best of wine ran out. So he took it to them, and the two passed the night there. Early next day our Lord told gambling Hansel that he might beg three favors. The Lord expected that he would ask to go to heaven, but gambling Hansel asked for a pack of cards with which he could win everything, for dice with which he would win everything, and for a tree whereon every kind of fruit would grow, and from which no one who had climbed up, could descend until he bade him do so. The Lord gave him all that he had asked, and departed with St. Peter.

Oft hot iahm de halli Pedrus non mohl drei Grouschn gebn. Hietzt hot e sie obe nimme veführn losse und hot ian s' Brod brocht. Oft hot'n unse Herrgout g'frogt, wou e koan'n Wein nit hot, do hot e g'sogt 'u, Herr, d'Fasse sand alli laar.' Oft hot unse Herrgout g'sogt, er sull ner in Költe (Keller) ohi (hinab) gehn, 'is is non de böst Wein int.' Er hots long nit glaubn willn, obe af d,löst hot er g'sagt 'i will ohi gehn, ober i woaß's, daß koane int is.' Wie er obe's Fassl onzapft hot, se is de böst Wein ausse g'runne. Hietzt hot er ian in Wein brocht, und döi zwoa sand übe d,Nocht do blieb'n. In onnen Tog, in de Früe, hot unse Herrgout zen Spielhansl g'sogt, er sull sie (sich) drei Gnodn ausbittn. Er hot g'moant, er wird sie 'n Himmel ausbittn, obe de Spielhansl hot bettn um e Kortn, mit der er ulls g'wingt; um Würfl, mit den er a ullss g'wingt, und um en Bam (Baum), wo ulls Oubst draf wochst, und wonn oane (einer) affi steigt, daß er nimme ohe kon (herab kann), bis er iahm's schofft (befiehlt). Hietzt hot iahm unse Herrgout ullss gebn, wos er velangt hot, un is mit'n hallin Pedrus wiede fuert (fort).

And now gambling Hansel at once set about gambling in real earnest, and before long he had gained half the world. Upon this St. Peter said to the Lord, Lord, this thing must not go on, at last he will win the whole world. We must send death to him. And they sent death to him. When death appeared, gambling Hansel had just seated himself at the gaming-table, and death said, Hansel, come out a while. But gambling Hansel said, just wait a little until the game is done, and in the meantime get up into that tree out there, and gather a little fruit that we may have something to munch on our way. Thereupon death climbed up, but when he wanted to come down again, he could not, and gambling Hansel left him up there for seven years, during which time no one died.

Hietzt hot hullt de Spielhansl erst recht zen spieln ong'fongt, und hätt bold d, halbeti Welt zomg'wunge. Oft hot de halli Pedrus ze'n unse Herrgoutn g'sogt 'Herr, dos Ding tuet koan guet, er g'winget af d,löst non (noch) d,ganzi Welt; me müeßn iahm in (den) Toid schickn.' Hietzt habends iahm in Toid g'schickt. Wie de Toid kemme is, is de Spielhansl nette be'n Spieltisch g'sössn; oft hot de Toid g'sogt 'Hansl, kimm e Bissl ausse.' De Spielhansl obe hot g'sogt 'wort nur e Bissl, bis dos G'spiel aus is, und steig dewall e weng af'n Bam do affi und brouck uns e wengerl wos o, daß me afn Wög wos z'noschn hobn.' Hiezt is hullt de Toid affi g'stiegn, und wie e wiede hot ohi wille, hot i nit kinne, und de Spielhansl hot'n sieben Johr droubn lossn, und dewall is koan Mensch nit g'storbn.

So St. Peter said to the Lord, Lord, this thing must not go on. People no longer die, we must go ourselves. And they went themselves, and the Lord commanded Hansel to let death come down. So Hansel went at once to death and said to him, come down, and death took him directly and put an end to him. They went away together and came to the next world, and then gambling Hansel made straight for the door of heaven, and knocked at it. Who is there. Gambling Hansel. Ah, we will have nothing to do with him. Begone. So he went to the door of purgatory, and knocked once more. Who is there. Gambling Hansel. Ah, there is quite enough weeping and wailing here without him. We do not want to gamble, just go away again. Then he went to the door of hell, and there they let him in. There was, however, no one at home but old lucifer and the crooked devils - the straight ones were just busy in the world. And no sooner was Hansel there than he sat down to gamble again. Lucifer, however, had nothing to lose, but his misshapen devils, and gambling Hansel won them from him, as with his cards he could not fail to do. And now he was off again with his crooked devils, and they went to Hohenfurt and pulled up a hop-pole, and with it went to heaven and began to thrust the pole against it, and heaven began to crack. So again St. Peter said, Lord, this thing cannot go on, we must let him in, or he will overthrow the whole heaven. And they let him in. But gambling Hansel instantly began to play again, and there was such a noise and confusion that there was no hearing what they themselves were saying. Therefore St. Peter once more said, Lord, this cannot go on, we must throw him down, or he will make all heaven rebellious. So they went to him at once, and threw him down, and his soul broke into fragments, and went into the gambling vagabonds who are living this very day.

Oft hot de halli Pedrus zen unsen Herrgoutn g'sogt 'Herr, dos Ding tuet koan guet, is sterbet jo koan Mensch mehr; mir müeßn schon selbe kemme.' Hietzt sand's hullt selbe kemme, und do hot iahm unse Herrgout g'schofft, daß er in Toid ohe lossn sull. Oft is er obe glei gonge und hot zen Toid g'sogt 'geh ohe,' und der hot'n glei g'numme und hot'n okragelt (erwürgt). Oft sands mit enonne fuert und sand in d, onneri Welt kemme, do is hullt man (mein) Spielhansl zen Himmeltoir gonge und hot onkloupft. 'Wer is draußt?' 'De Spielhansl.' 'Ach, den brauche me nit, geh ne wiede fuert.' Oft is e zen Fegfuirtoir gonge und hot wiede kloupft. 'Wer is draußt?' 'De Spielhansl.' 'Ach is is e so (ohne das) Jomme und Noit g'nue be'n uns, mir willn nit spieln; geh ne wiede fuert.' Oft is e zehn Hüllntoir gonge, und do hoben's n anhi lossn, is is obe niamd dehoambt g'wön, us de olti Luzifar und krumpn Tuifln (die g'rodn hobn af de Welt z'toan g'hot), und oft hot e si glei ine (nieder) g'sötzt und hot wiede zen spieln ong'fongt. Hietzt hot obe de Luzifar ninx g'hot, us sani krumpn Tuifln: döi hot iahm de Spielhans og'wunge, wall e mit sann Kortn ulls hot g'winge müeßn. Hietzt ist e mit sann krumpn Tuifln fuert, und oft sand's af Hoihefuert (nach Hohenfuert), und hobnd d' Houpfnstange ausg'rissn und san demit zen Himmel affi und hobnd zen wägn ong'fognt; und hietzt hot de Himmel schon krocht (gekracht). Oft hot de halli Pedrus wiede g'sogt 'Herr, dos Ding tuet koan guet, mir müßn ne anhe (herein) lossn, sunst werfet er uns in Himml ohi (hinab).' Hietzt hobnd's n, hullt anhi lossn. Obe de Spielhansl hot glei wiede zen spieln ong'fongt, und do ist glei e Lärm und e Getös won (worden), daß me san oagns Wort nit verstondn hot. Oft hat de halli Pedrus wiede g'sogt 'Herr, dos Ding tuet koan guet, mir müeßn ne ohi werfen, er machet uns sunst in gonzn Himml rewellisch.' Hietzt sands hullt her und hobnd'n ohe g'worfn, und da hot sie san Seel z'toalt (hat sich seine Seele zerteilt) und is in d'onnen Spiellumpn g'fohrn, döi non (noch) bis date lebnd.


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