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MS. Royal Irish Academy 23 D 43


Aurum is gold and is more fitly tempered in its nature than any other metal. And therefore it helps well the stomach which has a weakness and is very ill. Gold strengthens, too, him who has a cold and dry nature. Any sore treated with gold will not rot, where the gold was poured on and remains like a froth. It is good for eye trouble and draws a membrane from the eyes and dries their flow of water. Gold also strengthens the eyelids and the sinews that are within the eyelids.


Cepa is onion. It is good for them that have cold and wet natures, and it does good in the stomach, and gives good complexion. He who eats it fasting, on that day gets no pain. Onion gives sleep and purgation to him who eats it. Onion is good for dog's bite if it is crushed with honey or vinegar and is applied for four days. If one crushes salt and onion together, it is good for viper's bite. Onion's juice and woman's milk often drives away great earache. If one drinks onion's juice in water, it is good for him who suddenly loses his voice. If one draws onion's juice into his nose, it drives out harmful humors. If one mixes onion's juice and paunch fat of chickens, it is good to rub on shoes that cut. If one washes his teeth with it in the morning, he will not get toothache. If one eats onion and bread, it is good for a sore and swollen mouth. If one boils onion in butter or oil, it is good for dysentery. If one washes his bald head in onion's juice, hair will grow upon it. Onion is good in the mouth against evil smell, and does away with loathing of food. Onion's juice mixed with honey is good for dim eyes. If it is mixed with vinegar, it cleanses blotches if they are washed therewith.


Lappacium, the bur-dock or hævindla. It is of four kinds and all have almost the same power, and they are all dry and hot. They strengthen the stomach and belch out of the stomach bad wind. If one eats the bur-kale, that binds the stomach. If one washes in warm juice of bur-dock, scabies and the itch will leave him. If one rinses his mouth with the juice, that is good for the uvula and for toothache. If one boils roots of bur-dock with wine or water and drinks it, that will drive stone from the bladder and is good for jaundice.


Almond Butter

One shall take almond meats and add water and make a milk in a pot and heat it over the coals. And one shall add afterwards well-crushed saffron and salt and vinegar so that it is clearly noticeable and boil until it is thoroughly thickened. Then one shall put it in a clean pot and hang it up until all the juice is run out. After that take out what is left and make a butter thereof.

Cured Venison

One shall take cloves and mace, cardamom, pepper, cinnamon, ginger - an equal weight of each except cinnamon, of which there shall be just as much as of all the others, and as much baked bread as all that has been said above. And he shall cut it all together and grind it in strong vinegar; and put it in a cask. That is their salt and it is good for half a year.

When a man wants to use of this salt, he shall boil it in a pan over coals without flame. Then he shall take venison of hart or roe and carefully garnish with fat and roast it. And cut it well burned; and when the salt is cold then the meat shall be cut up therein with a little salt. Then it can lie for three weeks. So a man may long keep geese, ducks, and other game, if he cuts them thin. This is the best salt the gentry have.

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