The Northern Way

The Anglo-Saxon Metrical Charms


Metrical Charm 10: For Loss of Cattle



The man who has been robbed of some of his goods must say this. Before he says another word, he must say:



Bethlehem is the name of the town where Christ was born.
It is well known throughout the whole world.
So may this act become known among men.



Per crucem Christi! And bow three times to the east and say three times: Crux Christ ab oriente reducat. And towards the west and say: Crux Christi ab occidente reducat. And towards the south and say three times: Crux Christi a meridie reducant. And towards the north and say: Crux Christi abscondita sunt et inuenta est. The Jews hanged Christ, they treated Him in a most evil way. So may this deed be concealed. Per crucem Christi.






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