The Northern Way

The Anglo-Saxon Metrical Charms


Metrical Charm 9: For Loss of Cattle



Nothing I own may be stolen or hidden; any more than Herod could Our Lord. I thought on St Helen and I thought on Christ hung on the cross; so I think to find these cattle, not to have them go far, and to know where they are, not to lose them, and to have them looked after, not to be led astray.



Garmund, servant of God,
Find me those cattle, and fetch me those cattle,
And have those cattle, and hold those cattle,
And bring those cattle home,
So he never has land where he can lead them,
Nor ground to bring them to,
Nor house to keep them in.
If one do this deed, let it never avail him!
Within three nights I will know his might,
His might and his main, and his protective crafts.
May he wither entirely, like wood withered by fire,
Be as brittle as a thistle,
He who thinks to thieve these cattle
Or to carry off theses cows.




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