The Northern Way

The Anglo-Saxon Metrical Charms


Metrical Charm 7: For the Water-Elf Disease


If anyone has the water-elf disease, then his nails will be wan and his eyes will water and he will wish to look down. Give him this medicine: Carline thistle, hassock, the lower part of iris, yewberry, lupine, elecampne, marshmallow head, fen-mint, dill, lily, cock's-spur grass, pennyroyal, horehound, dock, elder, earthgall, wormwood, strawberry leaves, comfrey; mix with ale, add holy water to it, then sing this charm three times:



I have bound the injuries with the best battle-bonds,
So the injuries neither burn nor burst,
Nor spread, nor go septic,
Nor itch; nor the wounds grow,
Nor the abcess inflame; but he holds his health himself,
Nor ache more than earth aches your ear.


Sing this many times:


Earth forbear you with all her might and main.


These charms can be sung on a wound.



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