The Northern Way


Hello and welcome to the New Northvegr Center (NNC.) This domain has undergone a major transformation via professional web development driven by a change of ownership to make it a world class heathen web resource. Our goals are to renew, update and enhance this valuable web resource for the advancement of knowledge and understanding in areas related to heathen lore and literature. Our further intent is to make NNC a clearing house for the latest scholarly research so that heathens the world over can stay abreast of cutting edge developments on the Northern Way. We will soon be adding a section where members can review and discuss the latest information and resources before they become public. As we continue to grow and develop the site, we welcome your comments and support.


The Northvegr Foundation is listed on UNESCO's Culture Sector Index for promoting cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue, and Wikipedia; as well as university sites from around the world.












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